Friday, July 27, 2012

All The Emperors' Horses....Hefei, Anhui

Political Truth, A New Term

There is new terminology in the Canadian political sphere. It concerns ministerial accountability. Canadians have known for years that Defense Minister Peter Mackay cannot be trusted dating back to 2003 and his treachery at the Progressive Conservative Party Convention. Mackay essentially double-crossed his kingmaker David Orchard whose last ballot support assured Mackay of the party leadership. So it is no surprise in 2012 to see Mackay in hot water yet again. Using government helicopters for personal use and making non-credible pronouncements about the cost of military operations in Libya are just two of the latest scandals in which he is front and centre. Of course the multi-billion smoke and mirrors situation surrounding the F35 fighter purchase is another. In regards to Libya, Mackay told the Canadian people the cost of our nation’s intervention was $50 million. Department of Defense e-mails and documents later revealed it was closer to $350 million, a figure Mackay then denied knowing. When pressed to explain the dichotomy, the spokesperson said Mackay was not wrong in what he claimed, only that it was “political truth.” Now we get it. There is such a thing as “political truth” then the truth all the rest of us understand.