Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ghost Riders

The local police recently arrested an out of towner (yeah I guess I might still be one twenty years from now) for driving the wrong way down Highway 11, the main north south axis which runs from Toronto through Gravenhurst. It was foggy and sure, he was under the influence. In Germany those that sneek on the autobahn going counter flow so to speak are labelled ghost riders. Of course there are no speed limits there so at least one in the inevitable head ons is likely to be doing 160 to 180 km an hour. I have been in a mercedes at 180, courtesy of my German friend tmanir. Yeah the letters of his name are jumbled so nobody will know it was you Martin. oops.


Not In My Back Yard you don't. The nerve, ten metres from my door. Don't eat, sleep, burp or poop. Next thing I know you'll be demanding the keys to the house.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Colin's Chicks

Never have I had the chicks so keen to see me as around here. I hardly have left the house than I am mobbed. Fearless they are. They come flying from all directions. My hairstyle is always in jeopardy even though I spend split seconds doing it up before venturing out into the brave new world. See it goes like this. Because of the bears and mice, the local media advise cottage owners not to put out birdfeeders. Shame, shame. So despite admonitions from my landlady not to keep my newly acquired one up, I do. But I take it in at night and when leaving for any length of time. Seems like a workable compromise. The other day when I got home four or five chickadees hopped along in the branches beside me as I walked the fifty metres to the house. All in anticipation of a reconnection with some eats. Then to-day I could not walk the five metres from door to hook without two of Colin's chicks landing on the birdfeeder while I still held it.

Freight Trains

Canada has been plagued by a number of derailments in the past month. Another occured Wednesday. Many result from weather conditions. Speaking of which, we had a bad storm Thursday, a system which had spawned some devastating tornados in the States. When you live in the country the wind in the trees sounds like freight trains. I must say I felt rather jiggy with it until I saw all the downed branches the next morning. Yeah, then found the hydro (electricity for those not familiar with the north american term) was out. 30 hours later and still the case. I'm not very twiggy with that I'd have to say. No footy on the satellite box this morning. A dark day indeed, eclipse notwithstanding.