Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Cubs

Other than Oprah is there a more famous celebrity around the world than Tiger Woods? So no self-respecting blogger can pass this topic up, especially since I'm a golfer. Tiger has fessed up and the list of women on the side grows by the minute. Maybe his family too if some little tiger cubs have been begotten. Put a tiger in your tank and you can go for hours and hours. Forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards, into fire hydrant, backwards, into tree, clunk. Elin, who graduated from nanny school to the bigtime (how many hundred million settlement?) was supposedly first on the scene but with club already in hand. Quick thinking girl. Good anticipation. What was its make, did it bend when lovingly brought into play? Did mother in-law who was also soon on the scene chip in much? From how far and over any hazard (twisted fender, broken headlight, gushing water from hydrant even)? I wonder if Tiger will get back on the PGA circuit this spring? I was saying in January but as the scandal grows further I suspect maybe he will just call it quits. And I will lose my bet. A big paycut is on the horizons you striped pussycat. I don't see how even a Houdini shot out of the deep woods can save you this time.