Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Year of the Ox

Red Alert

Northern China, roughly the axis of the lower Yellow River, has been undergoing drought conditions for four months now i.e. since November 2008. Many provinces are under a red alert. 40% of the winter wheat crop is at risk. That means less noodles for northerners, wheat being the main ingredient. Rice is the staple southerners prefer and it is the region inundated with rain most years so crops are healthy in the paddies. Centrally located Henan is suffering particularly from the drought. Its reputation is one of being China's breadbasket, somewhat akin to Saskatchewan or Ukraine.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Isn't it ironic, don't you think, that on a night when Britain (shall we read between the lines and say London) is being hit by its worst snow in 18 years, Motherwell play their Homecoming Scottish Cup tie at the fifth time of asking. Frost had put the game off four times but hey lads its only fluffy white stuff, lets go out and snow them under.......


Before or After the Throw?

Source: Daily Mail

Say It Ain't So Joe

One of my all time favourite songs is the one about Shoeless Joe Jackson whose baseball teammates were bribed to throw a World Series. Seems like a lot of journalists are going shoeless these days and I don't think they are being bribed to do it either. First of all Dubbuya had to duck in Iraq. Next the Chinese Prime Minister at Cambridge University. If we get into a shoe throwing war with the Chinese bet they hold out longest given all the ammo they must have. We might have to sink their cargo ships at sea! I could sabotage a few "China Shipping" containers on the freight train tracks near my house if ye all come over to clean up the derailment which would be real close.