Monday, August 17, 2009



A bunny with floppy ears is terrorizing the neighbourhood. The weeds I let grow on my property for the flowers which attract hummingbirds were the first victims, theirs tops chopped off. Initially I thought the weeds were being eaten by deer. Then I befriended Chomper thinking he was the neighbours' opposite pet, true except I was mistaken about which neighbour. Chomper would risk hopping across the road to make social visits and accompany me while I was gardening. He took to sleeping under my deck in the shade and even under the car. I had to check before I backed up the driveway in case I unwittingly created wabbit stew. Anyway, little did I think my investment three weeks ago in bright orange lillies would prove so short term. Within 24 hours of me planting them in the flower border, the first stem was chopped off at ground level. I then suspected the rabbit and put up protective screens but the little devil is a high jumper. Next day two of three stems were gone. At least I was able to recover the flowers which survived and put them in a vase. I have gotten more pleasure out of these flowers than any in the garden. Maybe the roots will grow into flowers next year, they are perennials after all, but will Chomper be back in 2010? No sign of him this week but then perhaps the food supply has run out. Now if he would just eat the weeds in the driveway!