Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vancouver Olympics

The Great White North is perhaps picking up steam in the medal count two thirds of the way through the games. Can we overcome the tag "Canada, a fourth to be reckoned with!" White knuckle time now as we face the Germans in hockey to-night, and its an elimination round. Yargh.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Caribbean Sea

Olympic Rings

Olympic rains, Olympic rings. So we have had the kick-off to the Vancouver 2010 Games. And what of the opening ceremonies? Well it was novel to have the skier ski down a pristine mountainside, exterior, then transition into a slide down a slope inside a stadium to spectacularly jump through an Olympic ring. Good start. The interpretation of the Canadian anthem was novel but far too slow and hardly inspiring. Apparently the artist had no choice in the matter, she just sang it the way it was arranged. We needed Sargeant Slewidge from the Ottawa Senators to lift the rafters. Three tributes if not more to the dead Georgian luger? Shoot me. Three and a half hour ceremony. Too much. That mountain which appeared with suspended skiers in red suits. Incongruous. Thank God the manual trap door opened and Canada saved face for the lighting of the cauldron. Can the Games begin if the flame is not lit? And we have our first gold. Now shut up about it.