Sunday, November 05, 2006

Snow Squalls

I have just tried to phone Bo and her family in China over the internet (VOIP) but nobody responds. Probably has to do with the hour change with the gap at thirteeen hours now after we in North America changed the clocks last week. So I will try again in forty five minutes when our traditional time rings in. This post is just filler. Musings on the weather seem appropriate. Fall in this part of Canada was wet and windy. Snow has come early although since I am a recent arrival to the area I must admit I am only learning the patterns. A trip to Midland on Friday took me in and out of some vicious snow squalls. Yet the forecast suggests we will reach plus 10 again by Tuesday. Meanwhile tourism to the Caribbean is picking up again after the hurricane disasters of a year ago. Perhaps the ducks in my picture window, literally a stones throw from the house, will stop feeding a minute and let me negotiate a flight south with them. Always wanted to be a snowbird.