Sunday, August 07, 2011

Oddities in the News

The Mars probe, Viking, has done its job and has now slipped past the planet into deep space, never to return. It is not yet out of contact with Earth however, even though the signal picked up here on Gaia is 20 billion times weaker than the electric current produced from a battery in a digital watch!
Source; Space To-day online

A summer traffic jam of gigantic proportions has developed in China, not for the first time. Apparently the back-up of stalled vehicles on a highway leading to Qinghai is 120 kms long. Has some delinquent painted over the exit signs?

John Baird, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, has just returned from China where he declared Canada is now a strategic partner with China. Yep, we have resources to sell one must conclude. This statement flies in the face of Canada’s virtual disdain for good relations with the world’s new kid on the economic block since the Conservative Government came to power in Ottawa in 2006.