Sunday, June 07, 2009


What must one accomplish in a lifetime to have posterity remember you by adopting your name to describe some truism? Here are my own thoughts on what each of these mean, not having gone to the encyclopedia to see if I’m hitting the mark I’ll have you know.

Faustian – somber thoughts and bad omens about things to come
Freudian – deep psychological explanation for quirky and normal behaviour alike
Darwinian – survival of the fittest explains a natural outcome
Hobbesian – social economic theory from industrial age explains a modern economic outcome
Aristotlean – philosophy will explain away conundrum
Platonic – no need to get into their pants mutual admiration
Hegelian – clash of dramatic political wills with dire consequences
Dickensian – insight into the human condition brought to us from the industrial revolution
Sisyphian – as useless as rolling a mammoth boulder up a never ending hill, average work day?
Quixotic – well meaning bumbling with eccentric or inane outcome
Churchillian – stolid, never-say-die redoubt building