Sunday, April 23, 2006

Red Star Rogue

Red Star Rogue, the title of a new book to hit the shelves. Apparently in 1968 we, the world, could have been in a cataclysmic war which according to the authors would have resulted from a nuclear strike against Pearl Harbour. Deja vu all over again. The book documents how the Russians attempted a missile launch from a submarine in American waters off Hawaii but the attempt failed and the sub sank in the process. Not only that but they tried to fake it as if the strike had come from the Chinese. The intent was to pit the USA against China at the height of the Cold War with consequences we can only surmise. The submarine was of the Golf design whose line was built in Darien, Liaoning Province (former Port Arthur), northeast China. The naval base is just up the road from where I laid my head for three nights last summer. Guide book had suggested any wayward tourist headed that direction might be on a one way trip! Incidentally the USA recovered the sunken sub at a cost of $500 million. That could buy a lot of baking powder which is what Kelloggs recommends to float subs (ask any six-year-old boy).