Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lord Stanley of Preston

The oldest trophy in north american professional sports is in London, England, to-day revisiting the store, sorry, shop, on Regent Street where Lord Stanley purchased it by forking over the equivalent of a mere $50. On an annual basis the worst player in the National Hockey League earns about ten times what our prime minister does. But of course the world is unfolding as it should and of the four Canadian entries left in the Stanley Cup playoffs this spring the politicians, the Ottawa Senators, are tipped to go furthest, maybe to the point of bringing home the silverware. It is 1927 since last Ottawa won. Meanwhile the Toronto Maple Leafs fired their coach to-day because the buds failed to qualify for the post season. So Ottawa is spared being eliminated in the first round by them, as has happened more than once dammit in the recent past. Since you were asking, the last time Toronto won the Stanley Cup was the year Elvis went on his honeymoon (1967). Ottawa of course did not exist for 60 years or so since last they won but what is the Toronto excuse? Some of their fans may wish they hadn't existed many a year.