Thursday, March 23, 2006

Chinese Invented "Ye Golf"

First the French, now the Chinese. James II of Scotland must be rolling over in his grave. So who indeed invented the game of golf? A professor in Lanzhou, north central China which is hilly but has rather sparse grass if you ask me, claims to have uncovered records dating to 495 CE (note the modern notation everyone) which show the Chinese using clubs and sticks to negotiate circular balls into round holes. Sounds like golf to me. Last year was "The Year of France in China" and I think the two nations got to-gether at the Shanghai links and decided to upstage the Scottish Tourist Bureau. France has made claims to books illustrating golf being played in the Loire in the 15th Century, a few years prior to the 1497 edict of James to ban the game in Scotland (because - get this; people were taking time away from their duties to play the idle game!). Cor Blimey, we can have none of that. There were 3500 events in China with some connection to "The Year of France in China". I have it on good authority 3000 of these involved tee and club.
Source: Sports Illustrated web site; The Hour, CBC Television.