Thursday, October 04, 2018

Digital Dark Operators

The deadline is fast approaching for implementation of the Brexit commitment to take Britain out of the European Union. There is political turmoil throughout Albion as confusion and second thoughts prevail. Countries across the world should take note as some of the toxic electoral practices that led to this sorry state are indicative of new threats to modern elections. A Canadian connection through dark digital operators such as Cambridge Analytica and Aggregate IQ is sadly being pointed out. These offshore data mercenaries have apparently thumbed their noses at British electoral law and illegally moved money into online black advertising in an attempt to move votes. This alleged manipulation targeted voters (some names generated from a Facebook data breach) to vote “LEAVE.” It is ironic that Canadians are nefariously involved in a close referendum where a minimum swing likely changed an outcome, given the near break up of Canada in the tight vote of the 1995 Quebec independence vote.