Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dirty Job

Its a dirty job but someone has to do it. Illustrating the blog keeps my photo journalistic eye ever at the ready. I wish. Nonetheless I did exert a major effort over ten days to get this photo. The first day I cycled to the tracks at the double to catch an iron horse, only to wait an hour or more on a pleasant afternoon with no image to show for it. To-day was a different matter. Despite ending up with the photo I wanted the price was high. Coldest day of the fall so far with bone chilling winds. Blue sky was everywhere except between me and the sun. Every cloud in the sky conspired to keep me five degrees colder than otherwise. I stuck it out with this reward, modest though it be. Ironically as I write another train goes by. The one in the photo was comprised of 30% containers belonging to China Shipping. Which makes me wonder. Will the containers I saw get to China when we are there i.e. sometime in November? Will I see them again at some coastal container port or on some Chinese main line? Will that next freight train hold up our ordinary passenger train as it gets priority to zoom by in shall we say Anhui province, on its way to Beijing? Shall keep you posted.